Hi! I'm so glad you're here! This is my personal shopping page where I will post everything you see on my instagram. I started this account in 2020 to give myself a creative outlet, and it has been an amazing source of fun for me since then! My clothing style definitely focuses on comfort and function right now, as I am a stay at home mom and spend most of my time at the park or driving my kids to activities! When I do have a chance to get dressed up, I love ruffles, pearls, beautiful details, and fun patterns! My decor style is definitely a "less is more" mentality. I am constantly decluttering and moving furniture around. I love to play with patterns, colors, and plants in my house! And I definitely appreciate a mix of old and new in every room.

We have three kids under 5 and they keep us very busy! I enjoy shopping, running, and reading books when I get a free second. I also wholeheartedly love talking with you all and shopping for things you need or want. I hope you enjoy this page and please feel free to reach out to me! 



Fall Inspiration

Put together some things that make it feel like fall in my house! I just love each and every thing here. I am so into this brown swirl lamp- I think it’s really different! I might even have to drink my old fashioned from an amber colored wine glass after this 😉 what’s your favorite!? Happy shopping! . . . . . #falldecorinspo #falldecor #decorinspo #autumndecor #autumnvibes #pumpkins #autumncolors #autumnmood #autumnweather #fallcolors #fallmood #cozyhome #cozyvibes #autumnco

Fall Dress Edit

Affordable fall dresses! Found some dresses under $50 today (with sales applied) from some of my favorite stores! As you can see, ruffles and puff sleeves are definitely going strong 😂 but that’s ok with me I’m happy to look like I’m getting on the mayflower the entire fall season 🤷🏼‍♀️ which is your favorite? I think I’ll be rocking that middle plaid one when it cools down! Happy shopping! . . . . . #fallfashion #fashionfall #autumnvibes #ltkunder50 #ltksalealert #fallvib

Amazon Fall Finds

Found some fall goodies on amazon for you to shop on this Friday night! It was finally cool enough to get out fall decor out (I only do a little 🍁) I really love useable things that still scream fall so I don’t have to change up my base decor much. The wood wicked candles and maple leaf glasses are my favorites! Happy shopping! . . . . . #autumnfall #fallhome #autumnvibes #autumncolors #fallcolors #fallvibes #pumpkins #falldecor #autumnlove #autumnmood #autumnweather #autumn


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