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Gift guides for anyone!

GIFT GUIDE FOR ANYONE! (Save this post for later ✅) I had gift exchanges, colleagues, friends, teachers, and neighbors in mind when making this one! Unexpected gift exchanges, family members that need “one more thing” or basically anybody in your life! I’m getting my husband this duffel bag, but would be great for a college kid or someone who travels for work, too. I got my friend this orange juice vase last year, and it is so cute. So many favorites here! I hope this helps y

Gifts for In-Laws and Parents

Alright it’s done! Here’s my parents/in-laws gift guide. Really these gifts could apply to any man or woman 😂 but these are things I’m thinking of for my parents and my in laws. I love to get them things they need…but I also like to surprise them with something they might not have thought of! I know my barefoot dreams blanket was a hit last year 🥰 I love watching specifically my parents and in-laws open gifts because they truly deserve the best after all they do for us ❤️ h