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Monogram it!

I love a good monogram- and this sale has got you covered! So much more than just red, green, and white. Any of these would be perfect gifts! It’s especially love the monogrammed vase 🌹 happy shopping! #monogrammed #monogrammedgifts #gifting #giftguide #redandgreen #holidaygifts #holidaygifting #markandgraham #sale #saleonsale #salegifts #giftsonsale #loveasale #happyshopping Follow my shop @styling.summers on the @shop.LTK app to shop this post and get my exclusive app-only

Winter Wonderland!

It’s officially cold out here! I have on my flannel shirt and wool socks 🎄 not only are these all great gifts, but they’ll all keep you warm and cozy too!! The white blouse with jeweled collar is from Zara, DM me for the link or check my stories! I’m also loving this gold amazon coat ❤️ happy shopping #holidays #december #staywarm #fashionfinds #ootd #giftsforher #giftguide #happyholidays #coldweather #sweaterweather #cozysweaters #salealert #saleonsale #saleoftheday #happys

Gift guides for anyone!

GIFT GUIDE FOR ANYONE! (Save this post for later ✅) I had gift exchanges, colleagues, friends, teachers, and neighbors in mind when making this one! Unexpected gift exchanges, family members that need “one more thing” or basically anybody in your life! I’m getting my husband this duffel bag, but would be great for a college kid or someone who travels for work, too. I got my friend this orange juice vase last year, and it is so cute. So many favorites here! I hope this helps y

Stocking Stuffers for Him!

And finally…Men’s stocking stuffers!! Lots of smaller gifts for the guys in your life. We love Ted lasso- I’m sure anyone who’s a fan would love this ornament ❤️ a money clip or beard brush is always nice too! Happy shopping! #stockingstuffers #mensgifts #mensgiftideas #mensstockingstuffers #giftsformen #giftsforhim #stnicholas #smallgifts #giftsunder50 #giftsunder100 #merrychristmas #happyholidays #holidaygifts #giftguide #giftgiving #holidaygiftguide #christmasgifts #christ

Stocking Stuffers for Her

More stocking stuffers! I personally have a lot of this and love it. The jcrew jammies are so comfy (and not heavy) and the silk scrunchies are great to have on hand! So here’s a throwback- anyone else remember Frango mints at Marshall Fields? I LOVED that store when I was little ❤️ Happy shopping! #stockingstuffers #holidaygifts #happyholidays #stockingstuffersforher #stnick #saintnick #jollyoldsaintnicholas #happyshopping #christmas #giftguide #gifting #fungifts #giftsforhe

Etsy Gift Ideas!

It’s time for an Etsy gift guide!! I love Etsy for personalized gifts and unique vintage finds! Some of my favorite items I own are from Etsy, and I love that it’s all artists/creators making amazing things! If you need something unique for the hard-to-shop-for…Etsy is a great place to start! Happy shopping!! #etsy #etsyfinds #etsygifts #etsylove #giftguide #giftguideforhim #giftguideforher #stockingstuffers #greatgifts #happyholidays #funfinds #everybudget #happyshopping Fol

Men’s Gift Guide

My men’s gift guide is ready to shop! I’m hoping this helps you get ready for the holidays so you can relax and enjoy your December ❤️ the men in my life are always the hardest to shop for! My dad and my father-in-law like really specific things and my husband usually likes the surprises I pick. These gifts hopefully cover everyone on your list! Happy shopping! #mensgiftguide #giftguide #mensgiftideas #giftsformen #giftpicks #bestgiftsformen #giftideas #shopearly #holidaygift

Gifts for In-Laws and Parents

Alright it’s done! Here’s my parents/in-laws gift guide. Really these gifts could apply to any man or woman 😂 but these are things I’m thinking of for my parents and my in laws. I love to get them things they need…but I also like to surprise them with something they might not have thought of! I know my barefoot dreams blanket was a hit last year 🥰 I love watching specifically my parents and in-laws open gifts because they truly deserve the best after all they do for us ❤️ h

Kid’s Gift Guide

Alright here’s my gift guide for 4-8 year olds : I think it is leaning towards the younger years, but that’s ok! My next will be ages 8-12, so we have that to cover it 😂 I love getting my kids a mix of toys AND things they actually need like shoes, clothes, and gear. Bruder trucks are amazing- but they are fairly delicate and some are metal. So I think they’re more appropriate for this age; my twins still throw their trucks like crazy and these aren’t trucks you throw. I als

Little Boy’s Gift Guide

These gifts are for ages infant to about 3 or 4! I tried to find some things I know my kids have loved and some new things that seem so neat! A few of these are on the list for my little guys. This will be my LAST gift guide that’s gender specific. After I started making these I found myself asking “why” - why did I feel like I needed to divide these into genders? My little boys love my daughter’s toys, and vice-versa. It just left a bad taste in my mouth. These gifts are all

Holiday Gift Guide- Little Girls

Alright we officially had more votes for ladies first- so here is my first gift guide!! Gifts for little girls- think infant to age three or four. A lot of these things we have or have had! The tent is super affordable though we needed YouTube to put it together. But it is really cute! Strider bikes are amazing for toddlers, and no matter where you live, monogrammed hats are fun. I’ll detail more in stories, happy shopping! 🎁 #stylingsummers #giftguide #girlsgiftguide #littl