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Trending Now: Cane Decor!

I just love all the cane decor that’s trending right now! It can be all the design styles in any home: coastal, boho, traditional, modern. It’s so much fun! Cane is an easy material to add warmth and a natural texture to any room. Which piece is your favorite?! Mine has to be the drum light fixture! Happy shopping! #homedecorinspo #canedecor #traditionalhomedecor #coastaldecor #coastalfinds #amazonfinds #landsend #homeinspo #tjmaxx #marshalls #decorinspo #stylingsummers #shop

Black and White Bathroom

Always dreaming of future designs, and now I’ll actually have a place to put all my ideas 🏡 I love the look of a black and white bathroom! When I saw these bath rugs I knew I had to post them 🖤🤍 happy shopping! #bathroomdecor #bathroomdesign #brightbathroom #homedecorfinds #bathroomdecorfinds #favoritefinds2022 #targetfinds #anthrohome #anthropologiehome #saveforlater #stylingsummers Follow my shop @styling.summers on the @shop.LTK app to shop this post and get my exclusiv

Little Black Dresses (& more!)

I’m pretty sure my very favorite color to wear is black. If I “don’t have anything to wear”, it can usually be solved with a comfy black tee, black leggings, black jeans, black boots, or a little black dress 🖤 there are so many black pieces on sale right now with spring coming up, so now is a great time to stock up on the closet staple. Swipe to see my picks for little black dresses! (Including some florals, of course 😉) happy shopping! #closetessentials #salefinds #blackco

Target New Arrivals

Can’t stop won’t stop with these gorgeous Target new arrivals! I can’t wait to get into my local target after the holidays to freshen up my house! I especially love the scalloped bowl and woven vase! Which is your favorite?! Happy shopping!! ❤️ #target #targetfinds #targetnewarrivals #newarrivals #happyshopping #freshfinds #targethaul #homedecor #homesweethome #homefinds #stylingsummers Follow my shop @styling.summers on the @shop.LTK app to shop this post and get my exclusiv

Lego X Target!

This amazing colorful collection from LEGO at Target just dropped! I meant to post yesterday, but here we are 😂 it is SO CUTE. I love the baby pajamas and the textured sweaters. I think the BEST part of this is all of the adaptable clothing for kids. ANYBODY can wear this, literally ❤️❤️❤️ Most of this is available in adult sizes too! Tons of amazing things for home as well. Check it out and let me know what you think! Personally…I love the color! 🌈 HAPPY SHOPPING! And happ

Chic and Cozy

Had to highlight one of my favorite retailers- I go past @tuckernuck in Georgetown whenever we go into dc and I always want to stop (I know, I need to!) I just love their holiday dresses that can take you to events now and events later. My favorite thing about them- they’re so versatile! You’re always going to find classic pieces with classic accessories. It’ll never go out of style! Happy shopping babes! (Swipe to see all of my favorites- SALE FINDS on the third page!) #tuck

Gifts for In-Laws and Parents

Alright it’s done! Here’s my parents/in-laws gift guide. Really these gifts could apply to any man or woman 😂 but these are things I’m thinking of for my parents and my in laws. I love to get them things they need…but I also like to surprise them with something they might not have thought of! I know my barefoot dreams blanket was a hit last year 🥰 I love watching specifically my parents and in-laws open gifts because they truly deserve the best after all they do for us ❤️ h

Target Holiday Decor

Some cute holiday finds from Target! Are you more traditional or do you like colorful Christmas decor?! I’m definitely in the traditional camp- I love all of this! Especially the stockings 😍🎄 happy shopping! #merrychristmas #targetchristmas #target #targetholiday #hearthandhand #holiday #christmas #christmashearthandhand #targetfinds #targethaul #traditionalchristmas #redandgreen #happyshopping #saleoftheday #stylingsummers Follow my shop @styling.summers on the @shop.LTK a

Teen Gift Guide!

I know I’m really overloading with gift guides— but everything I’ve read has said to shop early this year! I already started because who even knows what holiday shipping is going to look like. Admittedly, I had to majorly research this post, as I haven’t been a teen for 15 years and I’m pretty sure kids these days don’t want Britney’s new CD or a Giga Pet 😂 I honestly kind of want all of the stuff on these gift guides too!! I separated it into regular gifts and tech gifts- l

Nordstrom Sale Finds!

I love a sale. And sale finds from Nordstrom are some of my favorites! Everything here, as of right now, is available in multiple sizes! These boots are waterproof, and the lilac coat comes in a dusty blue as well! My personal favorite? The rust colored pullover! Happy shopping! . . . . . #nordstromsale #nordstromfinds #affordablefashion #casualstyle #nordstrom #casualoutfit #casualchic #trendylook #styledaily #ootdinspo #neutrals #neutraltones #salefinds #loveasale #salesale

Kid’s Gift Guide

Alright here’s my gift guide for 4-8 year olds : I think it is leaning towards the younger years, but that’s ok! My next will be ages 8-12, so we have that to cover it 😂 I love getting my kids a mix of toys AND things they actually need like shoes, clothes, and gear. Bruder trucks are amazing- but they are fairly delicate and some are metal. So I think they’re more appropriate for this age; my twins still throw their trucks like crazy and these aren’t trucks you throw. I als

My Favorites from September

Put together my own personal favorites from September! All still available and some on sale! I love the fox hunt painting, the brown swirl lamp, and the city coat best ❤️ but they’re all really cozy finds for yourself and your space! Which was your favorite?! Happy shopping! Shop the post here! . . . . . #fallshopping #fallfinds #fallfashion #affordablestyle #ltkshoecrush #ltkhome #homeinspo #interiordecor #homedecoration #homestyle #favoritefinds #sept

Little Boy’s Gift Guide

These gifts are for ages infant to about 3 or 4! I tried to find some things I know my kids have loved and some new things that seem so neat! A few of these are on the list for my little guys. This will be my LAST gift guide that’s gender specific. After I started making these I found myself asking “why” - why did I feel like I needed to divide these into genders? My little boys love my daughter’s toys, and vice-versa. It just left a bad taste in my mouth. These gifts are all

Holiday Gift Guide- Little Girls

Alright we officially had more votes for ladies first- so here is my first gift guide!! Gifts for little girls- think infant to age three or four. A lot of these things we have or have had! The tent is super affordable though we needed YouTube to put it together. But it is really cute! Strider bikes are amazing for toddlers, and no matter where you live, monogrammed hats are fun. I’ll detail more in stories, happy shopping! 🎁 #stylingsummers #giftguide #girlsgiftguide #littl

J.Crew Factory Sale!

New arrivals at J.crew Factory are ALL on sale!! This is an awesome time to stock up on some cozy things you’ll be happy you have in November! I love the city coat (tan coat pictured) it runs true to size and is such a flattering coat! These pajamas are also a favorite of mine!! Happy shopping babes! 🍂 . . . . . #fallfashion #fallstyle #jcrewfashion #jcrewsale #ltksalealert #casualstyle #outfitinspo #outfitideas #fashioninspo #everydaystyle #casualoutfit #minimalstyle #effor

Evergreen Finds!

I’ve been seeing this evergreen color absolutely everywhere! I think it’s so beautiful and found some of my favorite pieces for you! Check my stories to see what’s on sale. My favorite is the puffer coat and the bag 😍 which one is your favorite?! Happy shopping! . . . . #fashionfinds #ltkunder100 #ltkunder50 #ltksalealert #weekendstyle #everydaystyle #affordablefashion #casualstyle #casualoutfit #outfitideas #whatiworetoday #styledaily #trendylook # #stylingsummers #happysho

Fall Mantel Ideas!

A friend I met on here asked for some mantel ideas and I was just so flattered she asked! I’m definitely not an interior designer, and I’m definitely a mom who ends up with toys on my mantel that I don’t want my kids to fight over 😀 but I do have dreams 😂 I put together some traditional fall mantel ideas and some more coastal/blue and white themed ideas! Plus I found a bunch of mirrors on sale. This friend has a tv above her mantel, so I wanted to keep things low and not bl

Fall Inspiration

Put together some things that make it feel like fall in my house! I just love each and every thing here. I am so into this brown swirl lamp- I think it’s really different! I might even have to drink my old fashioned from an amber colored wine glass after this 😉 what’s your favorite!? Happy shopping! . . . . . #falldecorinspo #falldecor #decorinspo #autumndecor #autumnvibes #pumpkins #autumncolors #autumnmood #autumnweather #fallcolors #fallmood #cozyhome #cozyvibes #autumnco

Neutrals for Fall

Some of my favorite neutrals for fall! I seriously love my woven pumpkins from target and they inspired this board! I really like to decorate with red, yellow, and orange for fall, but as we’ve had kids decorating has definitely had to adjust. I find that we do much better with neutrals that I can switch out (and that can’t believe broken) It also helps give the appearance of a cleaner room (is that just me?!) - so we love neutrals over here. The longer I can keep it out, the

Fresh Fall Kitchen

Sharing kitchen finds today! I’m always trying or organize/reorganize and freshen up our kitchen. It is small, and I need things that are useful plus clean up our space at the same time! While it’s virtually impossible to put everything in cabinets at our house, I like what IS on the counter to be fresh, clean, and functional! My favorites are the silicon food savers (because toddlers) and the acrylic calendar!! Happy shopping! . . . . . #organizedkitchen #pantrygoals #organi