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Kid’s Gift Guide

Alright here’s my gift guide for 4-8 year olds : I think it is leaning towards the younger years, but that’s ok! My next will be ages 8-12, so we have that to cover it 😂 I love getting my kids a mix of toys AND things they actually need like shoes, clothes, and gear. Bruder trucks are amazing- but they are fairly delicate and some are metal. So I think they’re more appropriate for this age; my twins still throw their trucks like crazy and these aren’t trucks you throw. I also love the little jewelry box- Claire is almost 5 and just cherishes hers! I also love these mama and me bracelets- my good friend Anna makes them over at @emmaandelliotshop and they’re the cutest! She has tons of different designs. Check it out! Happy shopping 😘

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